The Autodrome function as a Research & Development center for the automotive industry, structured in 4 research laboratories, each addressing a specific research area in defensive driving and road safety, as follows :

  • Research Laboratory for motor behavior in special situations ;
  • Laboratory analysis of vehicle efficiency under varying conditions of adhesion ;
  • Research Laboratory, parameterizations and technical changes ;
  • Research Laboratory defensive driving and road safety.

The core of the investment project is based on the 13 high performance simulators that work both independently for development and testing of skills required in the activity of auto driving, also grouped in research areas within the 4 laboratories belonging to the research center, aimed at simulating complex traffic situations such as alternation of roads with wet surface, or and with adhesion some different or unexpected appearance of obstacles and other challenges that may arise in traffic.

Besides the 13 simulators, the Research & Development infrastructure consist in 5 buildings:

  • Building space C1 – a height P, destination for auto service for any modifications / parameterization / adjustments of a mechanical nature for the simulators, respectively for the cars participating for auto tests;
  • Building space C2 – of the type P +2E, with a role of integrated facility for theoretical training of the drivers, namely for the organization of theoretical courses in defensive driving and road safety, as well as safe operation of the simulators and other traffic equipment;
  • Building space C3 – height P, having the role of a car wash for the vehicles that participate in the simulations, tests and research, for simulators and other vehicles belonging to customers of the Company;
  • Building space C4 – height P + 1E, having the designated role of an observatory, and command center to coordinate practical activities in defensive driving, testing of car parts and steering;
  • Building space C5 – height P+ 1E, as an observatory, and command center to coordinate practical activities in defensive driving, testing of car parts and steering.

The total investment for the construction of the Autodrome was 9.3 million euros, partially funded with European funds within SOP IEC Axis 2 O.2.3.2.

Our Services

The Titi Aur Academy today gathers under one roof a school of defensive driving and piloting, an Autodrome and a Centre for Research and Development. This composition gives us the opportunity of offering an eclectic set of services.


The complex offered at the Academia Titi Aur offers through several simulators a large diversity of environmental conditions to experiment an automobile’s components and equipments for both control and security on a Research and Development perspective.

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